Rolling Thunder Ride – Day Six

Once again the day started at 4:00 AM and at  5:00 AM we started the Harley’s and hit the road.  The plan was to ride to Grafton, WV to participate in a parade with other Legion Riders.  The ride was damp and foggy.  The traffic was light leaving D.C.  We made a stop in for breakfast in Hagertown, MD and ended up sitting across from a local coffee group.  Two older gentlemen were discussing politics.  One was a Hillary supporter and the other a Trump supporter.  It made for some good entertainment.  After breakfast we continued on our way and ended up finding out the other Riders would not make the parade.  As they were the organizers we made the decision to alter our plans.  We ended up pulling into Cumberland, MD.  I figured we may as well check out the town.  We happened onto American Legion Post 13.  They were getting ready to start their Memorial Day services.  As we parked the Harley’s, they were already extending invitations for us to join them for their program and lunch.  We watched as they laid a wreath near a Veterans Memorial and listened to the speakers. We then joined them for lunch and after we expressed our appreciation for their hospitality and departed.  Traffic back to D.C. was congested.  Upon our return we arranged to have dinner with a fellow chapter member, David Reidlinger, who is living in the D.C. area.

I will be turning in tonight knowing I will not hear an alarm at 4:00 AM.  We get to sleep in a bit.  🙂  Tomorrow we are planning a mid-day departure and will be riding through the Shenandoah National Park on Skyline Drive.   It will be nice to leave the big city environment and get back to rural roads.

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