Rolling Thunder Ride -Day Three Complete

Day three started with a ride through Indianapolis, Indiana traffic.  The traffic wasn’t bad but dodging the pot holes on I-70 required skill and luck.  Some of the potholes I would consider dangerous.  We crossed Indiana, Illinois, Ohio.  The farmers in these states take a lot of pride in their properties.   Most didn’t have a blade of grass out of place.   I was pleasantly surprised when we crossed into West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  The forests were impressive and the hills were higher than I imagined.  It was fun riding the Harley up the long steep roads and then back down the other side.  I would cruise at about the speed limit and the locals would leave me like I was standing still even with the large number of troopers along the highway shooting us with laser radar.  We stopped for fuel in Friendsville, Maryland and found a great store with interesting local items.    We rode down out of the hills as the sun settled.  It was dark as we hit the outskirts of Washington D. C.   We hit the freeways and I felt like I was riding in a pinball game.  The traffic was traveling at a high rate of speed and maybe one out of every ten cars was traveling much faster than the rest of us.  It was like the ball slamming back and forth across a pinball game.  But these were cars not able to decide which of the six lanes they wanted so they used them all.  I was riding lead because I have the GPS.  Scott did a great job of sticking with me even in the dark.  But luck didn’t stick with us.  The GPS told me to take a direction with little warning and Scott wasn’t able to follow because of a bus that was larger than the Harleys.  I looked back and I could see Scott disappearing into the maze of cars, trucks, and buses.   We arrived at the hotel a short while later and had received a text from Scott explaining he would find us.  We figured it would be later but maybe fifteen minutes passed before he came riding into the parking lot.   It was a great ride…..



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