Preparing for our first Rolling Thunder

Adventure 2017

I relate preparing for a motorcycle trip to my days of preparing my backpack for a trek in the mountains. You are concerned about ounces and not pounds. Every item packed is scrutinized for its actual need and carefully packed. You have to move from all the comforts to being a minimalist. But, I enjoy traveling by motorcycle. It makes a road trip into an adventure.

Soon we’ll be loading the bare necessities on the Harleys and traveling east!  There will be two Harleys on this adventure and three Riders.


Fred – A U.S. Air Force veteran.  Former RC-135 aircraft crew chief and Air Training Command (ATC) Master Instructor.  Riding a 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited.

Micheline – Mrs. Fred, an avid motorcycle navigator/trip photographer and co-pilot.

Scott – A retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major.  Riding a 2008 Harley Davidson Electra-Glide.

Fred & Micheline                              Scott

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